Sunday, June 29, 2008

Confessions of a shopaholic

I am a shopaholic in my own way. I am happy that I am not impulsive, you have no idea how much time and effort I spend before I buy. There are just moments when I feel like splurging, but that doesn't happen often. For me, splurging is a state of mind, because if I don't have plans to buy, I can settle with window shopping or not even bother to look around. I spend within my means, I don't believe in lay-away plans or installment payments. One thing I've noticed though, I'm becoming less thrifty now, uh oh! In recent years, I've spent on a couple of luxury items but I would justify it as an investment. What an excuse! ;P I recently listed them down for my future reference and I was surprised to know how much I've spent. No regrets though. :D

When it comes to less luxurious stuff, I've recently spent much on bags... light-weight-water-resistant travel bags and I'm still looking for more. :D I've also spent on clothes... I'm proud to say I'm slowing trying out new styles! haha It takes years for me to try out new things! I've always been stuck with classic styles and solid basic colors and it has been difficult to find them, so when I see one that I like, I have the tendency of getting it in different colors. The latest fashion has been better though, fit and flattering for my stature, it gives an illusion of some sort and it's heavenly to fit in the smallest size. hehe I've realized, as we age, we don't get sexier we just get "bolder". hahaha

(Promod was on sale today, that's 30-50% off! I hope the sale period extends more than just a weekend.)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It only takes one morning

It has been three fun weekends and I am having a terrible hangover. For the past weekends, I've been beach bumming in Boracay, partying in Tagbilaran and team building in Shangrila, Mactan. What's more, I recently bought a slab of angus rib-eye and porccini mushroom (perfect for my home-cooked spaghetti funghi porccini) and had a tasty lechon, crabs & prawns last night! I feel like a bum... I've not been productive in the office, I haven't gone to the gym or played badminton since. I promised myself to wake-up early to attend baile latino, kick & punch and hip hop class since yesterday but failed. It only takes one morning to lift my lazy bone up, and I can't seem to do it. I hope I have not put on some weight. I'm looking forward to another trip in July and August, oh this isn't healthy! :p

*this is just a prelude of a busy year ahead!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Letting Go - Why I love Pacsafe

It's hard to let go of something that has become my constant companion.

I got this black sling bag from Esprit Factory Outlet in the US 15 years ago, it was pricey for someone who was a student then. I so love this bag that I take it everywhere I go. It has been with me in most of my travels simply because it's my ever reliable travel bag. At roughly 7"x10", it can contain my jacket, an umbrella, 185ml sunblock, wallet, face towel, tissue, candies, toiletries... seriously, it can contain all at the same time without having to take everything out when I needed any one. It even have a lil sister that my friend calls the "magic bag". During our trip to Davao, he was surprise to find out at barely 3"x4", it can fit my bulky wallet, a 185ml sunblock and a face towel.

It's getting worn out. I know it's even fully depreciated; I got these fifteen years ago. I'm ashamed to take it around with me now. I've been searching for that perfect replacement, but nothing seem to come close. If anyone has that in possession (preferrably brand new haha), I might be willing to buy it. Seriously! I can't seem to find something like that, light-weight, small but can pack a lot of stuff, versatile and can easily match my clothes. The le sportsac that came with my Tokidoki was fine but still not good enough.

So I'm still in search for the perfect bag to take with me to Ilocos in the coming days, to Coron in January, to Batanes in February and to Donsol3 in March! :)

-o- update

Two years later, I'm still in search for that perfect bag.  My needs for my so called perfect travelling bag has changed.  I can no longer leave the house without my gadgets: a dslr and a laptop; yet everytime I travel, I always worry about the safety of these stuff.  As I was surfing the net, I came across a post by my blogsy friend Nina about Pacsafe.  It's interesting to know that there's a bag designed for my travel needs.  I'm eyeing this CamSafe bag, perfect for my newly purchased Panasonic GF1;  the bag will still have enough room for its accessories, travel documents like passports and some toiletries for travel.

I'm also eyeing at this VentureSafe 200, hopefully my Vaio laptop fits in perfectly.  These anti-theft features of Pacsafe will be a perfect companion for my upcoming trip to Japan and more importantly to South America where theft is rampant.

Friday, June 20, 2008

What happens in Boracay stays in Bora

No electricity, no night life, no fancy resort but simply a long stretch of fine white sands and sand bars and clear seawater,  this was Boracay twenty years ago.

I've heard so much how Bora has turned into a commercialized touristy area since, seemingly nice and sad reality.  I arrived in Bora greeted by no less than it's lovely sunset, i could not help but lift my flipflops and stroll on it's fine white sands barefoot.  Yes, 20 years later, I am happy to see the sand remained white and fine, thank God!

(Beachcomber @ Station 1 by night) Chilling-out by the seaside, al fresco dining, drinking and dancing the night away... I think I had the most alcohol intake, my entire life combined in those three nights.  Exag? Maybe not!  I had my first taste of beer  (surprisingly, it doesn't taste as bad as it smelled), managed to stay sober with frequent pee break, I easily finished a bottle... a bottle of water! haha Alcohol and me just isn't the perfect match.

(Beachcomber @ Station 1 by day)  It is amazing to see the tides go low at night, making way for a larger space for the crowd to hang around by the shore. In the morning, the tides are high, perfect for a fun day under the sun.  I wonder if the tides ever go low in the morning and high at night?  In that case, there would be no seaside party!

While we were waiting for our hearty brunch at Lemone Cafe to be served I happened to browse through an article in the Inquirer entitled Bora's best-kept secrets - a write-up timely for six fellows undecided on what to do for the day, so we heed on:

Tip # 2. Rent a cabana at Waling-Waling and take an afternoon nap on one of the hammocks. Wake up to the view of the sunset and wonder where all those hours went.
 (The group needs to consume a thousand for the cabana, but since the manager was away, the waiter was kind enough to accommodate us. :D)

Tip #4.  At Nami, try the massage at their spa. You’ve never known kneading that good. - We tried calling (036)2886753 to 54, the cheapest massage service is @ P900, was it a good thing that no masseurs was available? hehe  So three of them opted for a massage at Waling-waling, I opted not to have one since I felt undeserving after doing nothing! haha Beach bumming it is!  I finally found the right term, that is exactly what we did for 3 days and 3 nights.

Bora is also enjoyed for its great food, so watch your diet, you may arrive with flat abs and leave with bulging belly!  The ribs @ Hawaiian BBQ, the pizza and pasta @ aria (italian for air), egg omelet @ lemone cafe, chicken @ Island chicken Inasal, fruits in ice cream... are superb but pricey!  Now, my mom tells me we should have gone to D Talipapa and buy-your-ingredients-and-we'll-cook-them-for-you system @ Plato D'Boracay.  I do not know anyone who's more frequent in Bora than my parents, they go there once, twice or thrice a year so maybe I should heed her tip next time.

I am so longing for another trip to Boracay and that should include:
  • a stay by a seaside resort  (i've walked passed the other end of Station 2 upto Station 1, and managed to visualize the map I've been looking at on the web, now I know where to check-in next!)
  • a ride on the flying fish (no one wanted to go on this, sniff!) and maybe try out kite boarding then have a well-deserved massage at Nami's Private Villa.
  • a glitter tattoo (i just envy my nieces tan line with those tattoo!)
  • another shot of the sunset
  • beach bumming once again with great company 

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sunset at Boracay

After 20 years, I've finally set foot on the fine white sands of Boracay again. 'Twas indeed an exciting vacation greeted by no less than it's lovely sunset...

three days later, it never fails to leave a lasting impression...

(raw pix by sony t-100)

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