Sunday, January 1, 2012


If 2010 was a roller coaster ride, I welcomed 2011 with new hope and bigger smile.  2011 just passed by too fast. It was a year that was full of unexpected pleasant and unpleasant surprises.

Just as I thought I'd be grounded most of time (well, I was), I still managed to sneak out and give in to that wanderlust:
  • Quick trip to see Mt. Mayon once again as we shrugged off backpacking tours and gave in to the luxurious playground at Misibis Bay.
  • I had to cancel a trip to Japan after its nuclear catastrophe.  Instead, I got to explore different cities of Vietnam:  Ho Chi Minh, Hue, Hoi An, Hanoi, Halong Bay in March.
  • I'm supposed to be grounded for work but free trips courtesy of HSBC are undeniably irresistible.  Travelling solo to United Kingdom was one for the books.  From here on, I'm loving the idea of spontaneous trips.
  • Being grounded in Cebu isn't all that bad, I had the chance to revisit Cebu's hidden treasures: Olango Bird Sanctuary.
  • I said I'll not dive again, but I cannot refuse an invitation to see the whalesharks in Leyte in the ber months.
  • Apparently, I need not go very far, whalesharks are found in Cebu!
The year may not be all glorious, but unexpected moments kept my spirit up:
  • Partying in Manila for the first time with unfamiliar people at the Black Eyed Peas concert at MOA grounds was definitely a good good night.
  • It was a year of finding and losing old and new flames, just a kick out of the monotony of my life.  There's hope for my love life, an aspect of my life that I took for granted for sometime.  A simple hello even on your inbox does make a difference.
  • Lost a friend from a careless remark, the painful part was, it was a necessary evil and I don't find remorse in my heart.
  • Priorities need to be set, I declined a trip to La Union and Hong Kong without the feeling of missing out on something, at the end of the day, I just can't have it all.
  • May it be weeknights or weekends, bar hopping isn't my thing but this year, stress has taken over, unwinding over alcohol has become a welcome break.  Caipiroska at the Blu Bar, Mojitos and Patron Tequila at Maya are new discoveries and graduated from a single shot to three shots of JQ tequilla at private parties and still standing.
  • Burning the seat for ten hours a day at work, only meant ten pounds on my belly is a reminder that numbers don't lie.
Now, what does 2012 bring me?  I'm expecting unexpected moments. :)

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