Thursday, September 17, 2009


I had such a long day today. With an upcoming long vacation, I have to finish a year's worth of backlog. Seriously, a year's worth. After every morning rehab session for my tennis elbow injury, I head to the office clicking my mouse practically all day. Today, I skipped my usual siesta and had a working lunch. Burned the seat until past nine in the evening. Got home late and found my pseudo ex's status changed to married. If my memory serves me well, it has been four long years. Coincidence or otherwise, I opened up to a friend a few weeks ago about strangely thinking of someone every single day. As the song goes, I remember the boy but I don't remember the feelings anymore. It aint such a good thing when things are better left unsaid. All these years, closure is all I need. My prayer has finally been answered. But I didn't see any pictures, what if it was a hoax? haha

It's past midnight and I'm so wide awake. Not good since I'm feeling feverish since yesterday. I'm off to youtube for today's episode of Tayong Dalawa that I missed, it should be up by now. :)

updated: 12/25/09 apparently, it wasn't a hoax!

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