Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Rush

It's just two days to go before Christmas and I could feel the rush in a different way. I was itching to go some place for the week long holiday but all plans failed. Actually, I ought to stay put and rush to get things done. Assuming three positions for the past months has been ubelievably crazy. I must admit, I was out of focused at some point. I can't do these all at the same time so work has piled up over the months. It seems like it's not going to be a stress free holiday.

In these busy times, a late night massage with a friend home from London was just perfect. Sharing a meal with old friends is comforting. Last minute Christmas shopping @ the Parkmall was totally hassle free. Binging over lechon almost every day is nothing but satisfying. I hope I won't gain much this season, I've been missing in the gym for several months now.

But I can't wait for next year, my wow Philippines adventure continues inspite of having a heavy work load.

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