Saturday, October 20, 2007

Value for money

I rewarded myself for nothing with a pair of south sea pearl earrings at greenhills for almost half it's listed price. I can't tell if it's the real thing. So my friend SMW rubbed it together and bit it to prove that it's for real. Thanks heaven I wasn't fooled.

Through the courtesy of CY, I recently got a sony t100 digital camera in Quiapo, which is 45% off it's retail price!

I thought I got a good bargain at Yonex badminton shop in Thailand which sells rackets at almost half the price here. But in my last trip, I found another shop across the National Stadium that sells at 15% much cheaper! Almost anything made in Thailand is cheap. They have this program called "Thailand's best", best bargain for Thailand made signature products like naturalizer, mizuno, wacoal, lacoste, etc...

In a recent trip to China by my bro, they went to this place that was a haven for good bargain. These are China made products sold wholesale that you can find in local department stores and that in 168. The prices are surprisingly lower... imagine a wall clock at P15? No wonder, these China-men can sell really cheap stuff.

In this day and age where almost anything is imitated, instead of being ecstatic, getting such a bargain makes me think twice if I got the real good stuff!

But no worries, after all it's value for money that counts.

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