Saturday, October 8, 2011

No Other Woman Quotable Quotes

After seeing quite a number of posts on facebook (yeah, that's where I get updated with latest buzz) I was intrigued by the movie "No Other Woman" produced by Star Cinema starring Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsey and Cristine Reyes.  I'm not an avid fan of either of the three and watching Tagalog movie isn't my usual treat but whenever I hear good reviews, I find myself in the movie sobbing on the slightest drama scene.  The movie isn't exactly all that good, it just happened to have a well written script.  These lines will definitely be one for the books.

The movie tackles about love and temptation. The mistress Cara, played by Anne Curtis, not admitting she's a mistress but just having fun “Having fun? Ngayon yes fun! Pero paano pag iniwan ka na niya? Paano pag pinili na niya ang asawa niya? Paano pag na iskandalo na ang pamilya mo? Fun pa rin ba!”

All along she was in denial, this playgirl has fallen in love with a married man, Ram, played by Derek Ramsey.  Ram was a self confessed playboy but turned family man when he married Charmaine, played by Cristine Reyes, a fairly conservative housewife.  Charmaine won't give up the fight as her mom warns her that "Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo. Maraming snatcher. Maagawan ka."  

Intimated my the social status of heiress Cara, her mom tells her "Pareparehong puta lang yun! Ang mayaman bumibili ng hermes sa mall, ang mahirap bumibili ng hermes sa greenhills."  "Panahon na para i-pack-up ‘yang si Lucy Torres mo. Ilabas mo na diyan si Gretchen Barretto. Sabi nga niya sa Magkaribal, ‘You want war? I’ll give you war.’ Anak, ako na ang bahala sa red stilettos mo!"  I just love that bitchy line popularized by Gretchen Barretto.

Charmaine bumped into Cara in one of the department stores.  Both of them were wearing purple,  and so Charmaine's friend blurted out "Meron ba ditong paparty ni barney na hindi ko alam?"  That line was hilariously gay as they proceed to fight for a bag implying no one shall take whatever one has already taken while an all innocent saleslady comes up to say, they have enough stock. haha

And so Charmaine befriended Cara, invited her for dinner at her place and threw this line... Charmaine: Why don’t you have dinner with us tonight, pa thank you ko na rin dahil kinuha mo ang asawa ko. Cara: I’m sorry? Charmaine: Bilang supplier ng furniture para sa resort niyo."

Over dinner, Charmaine was a run away winner and slapped Cara with these line, "The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Pero sa ganda mong iyan, siguradong marami kang alam na shortcuts."  "Alam mo kasi ang marriage parang exclusive village. Kailangan mong bantayan para hindi makapasok ang mga squatters."  "Mababaliw siguro ako kung malaman kong may babae siya. Baka mapatay ko yung kabit, silang dalawa actually."

In the end, Ram chooses to be with his wife but Cara won't give up just like that, and chased him on the highway swerving here and there, he slamed a truck with deformed bars (steel) sticking out of it and pierced him.  (That sent me goosebumps, that actually happened to a colleague a few months back where from out of nowhere, a steel bar flew right smack his windshield, which caught dead on the spot.)  Ram was lucky to have survived, Cara eventually gave up love.

Have I missed out on something, do write them here.

They say it's a movie for husbands to see, for me, it's a movie for wives to watch and learn.  Wear that red stilettos out, woman!

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