Saturday, May 28, 2011

Love is a Decision

For someone who's elusive about her personal life, a friend finally spoke about her present.  We had a good chat about her relationship with a guy who, at forty is still not ready to get into a serious relationship.  He has a great heart, she said; but he had issues to deal with.

After exclusively dating for a year or so not knowing what the real score is, she has finally come to a decision of calling it quits. And she quipped, she might have not loved him enough.  In my humble opinion, she simply loves herself enough.  Have you read the book "He's just not that into you?"

Experience tells me, moving on is hard and breaking the habit makes it even harder.  But she has moved on sooner than I thought, I was surprised by news that's she's dating exclusively another just days after our conversation.  I hope she's not settling (for 2nd best), like she said she might be.  But I think she'll be in better hands this time.


On a different note, it has been a season of revelation but she was the last to know.  She has shared too much with thee, but the same favor was never returned.


Sticks and stones are hard on bones
Aimed with angry art,
Words can sting like anything
But silence breaks the heart. 
~Phyllis McGinley


"One cannot be sorry about something not right, when the sad truth is, you meant it."  You nailed it, mah friend, we're of a different breed.

Knowing that she had him at hello was a vindication, her instincts never fail her.  All along, he was in denial and her assumptions were right.  Unfortunately, relationships can be just for convenience and she's such a fool to have allowed it.  Discovering that fact is definitely bittersweet.  Those smileys aren't for her anymore. 


My parents always tell me - in marriage, love is a decision and  separation is never an option.  Even outside the bounds of marriage,  love isn't all about feelings, it's a decision to be made too, don't you  think?.


There's so much negativity lately, witnessed three freak accidents in three days!  On a bright sunny day, a fruit bearing tree fell and smashed five vehicles right under our nose.  Next day, a passers by got hit by a car.  On the last day, two taxis hit head on, one flew over the next lane and smashed onto the wall.  The 21st was said to be the end of the world, these aren't the signs of time, I hope not.


Live, Love and be Merry.

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