Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Lessons

Yesterday was the last day of my so called life. 

I'd be awfully busy with a new project coming up.  I am not sure how I will get through the next six months and still look refreshed.  Everyday, I feel jittery about facing something uncertain yet put up a confident facade for my staff.  I don't know how I'll manage to tone down that wanderlust when I see everyone else going places.  In fairness, I've had my fair share, by practically going around Asia almost once every two months last year.  I've been told by the project director to do risk management including to refrain from dangerous sports, ergo, no scuba diving!  Ew!  I'm eyeing to swing a trip to Malapascua next weekend, I guess I have to decline the invite.  To keep my focus, I have deactivated my facebook account, uh well, I tried and it didn't last for more than 23 hours.  Still coping with the withdrawal symptoms!

First lesson learned from this project?  Do the head bobble (or wobble)!  It's a gesture to tilt the head side to side, in agreement to the speaker.  It was kinda odd at first, because we are accustomed to nodding our head up and down in agreement.


tmas said...

hey what's the project and what does an indian wobble have to do with it? this the reason why you're "grounded" for travel?

freeze said...

hi tmas! yes, this is the reason why i'm grounded and my thoughts is wandering someplace where i can smell the sea breeze. :D

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