Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Shopping Box

Need a forwarder for shopping online from a USA website and shipping to the Philippines?  Try  (This is not a paid advertising.)

I once received a newsletter from BDO Credit Card offering one year free subscription to online shopping forwarding service in the USA called  I quickly signed up for it, have my own US address and used it once to purchase online a CD software from ebay.  The seller will only ship to a US address, so this service became useful.  It took a while for the package to arrive in my US address, but I think it was the seller's courier's fault.  As soon as the package arrived in my US address, I was notified via email and I executed online authorization to ship it to my address in the Philippines, with my choice shipping by air.  I received the package within less than a week from the time I authorized shipping to my address in Cebu, Philippines. I didn't have to pay extra for the shipping between Manila and Cebu as the package arrived via Manila.  Freight charges was charged to my BDO credit card and received rebates a month later.  This service is so convenient, and I'm trying to control my shopaholic side not to get hooked with this.

Advantages of this service:

1.  Upon registration, they will provide you a US address, with a suite number uniquely yours. Such will be your mailing address when purchasing online.  This is particularly useful when the seller only ships to a US address and when availing for free shipping within the US.

2.  Freight charges are cheaper (see rates below)  with option to send it to the Philippines by air or by sea.

3.  No duties.  The package is declared as personal effects thus, no duties is charged.

For more info, read on and check their website or email them at (they do reply)

Once we accept your online registration and minimal sign-up fee, MY-SHOPPINGBOX will immediately send you an email response confirming your registration, as well as the details of your personal My Shopping Box address and suite number in Los Angeles, California.

Example: Johnny dela Cruz
339 South Myers Street
Suite: 100-1000
Burbank, CA. 91506
The Suite Number will also be used as your own exclusive MY-SHOPPINGBOX account number which can be used to log-in to your account, update account information, check what's in your box and give instructions on how you want us to ship your packages with the corresponding Air or Sea door to door delivery charge from the MY-SHOPPINGBOX Facility to your registered delivery address in the Philippines.
Once your done with your shopping, give the merchant your MY-SHOPPINGBOX Address as your Delivery-Shipping Address in the U.S., then all you need to do is wait for your package to arrive, and once it gets to your MY-SHOPPINGBOX, we'll take care of the rest.
We will also notify you as soon as we receive your package, and provide you with shipping options - by air or, if you're not in a hurry and want to save on costs, we'll ship your package safely by sea. You have complete control of your shipping.

Applicable rates:
$25 a year for a personal address in the US
$5.50 per pound - Air Freight (Class 1)
$8.50 per pound - Air Freight (Class 2)
$2.50 per pound - Sea Freight


MSB Sucks! said...

We've tried My-Shopping Box's services and it sucks!

I ordered some cheap scrapbooking items just to try their services.

I was so happy that the items got delivered that I ordered more and had them sent to MSB.

However, almost all the other items got delivered, except for this one item. I e-mailed them, got a reply 3-4 days after telling me that they'd look on it. Days passed, I received no reply. I then called their Manila office, who told me that they'd investigate on it and that they'd call me back later that day. I never received a call back.
I sent e-mails again and as usual, they replied only after a week and told me that they never received the item and that I should talk to the merchant. The thing is, I already forwarded them my conversation thread with the merchant and even attached the USPS tracking report saying that it has been delivered to them, when I contacted them! Obviously, they didn't even read and understood my message!

The USPS tracking report obviously stated that the item has been delivered to them, but they refuse to acknowledge it.

If I can't even trust them with a P500.00 worth of an item, how can I trust them with higher valued ones?! You guys can continue to try their services at your own risk, but I am definitely not recommending them to anybody! It's going to be a month now and my item still hasn't been found. They said on ther FAQs that they'd pay for items that get lost under their custody, but they wouldn't. They will just tell you that they never received it, even if it has been clearly stated on the delivery report that it has been delivered to them.

I've also been e-mailing them and have either been getting a week long reply or none at all, so I just keep on e-mailing them.

Guys, I'm telling you based on our experiences, MY-SHOPPING BOX SUCKS AND IS DEFINITELY NOT TRUSTWORTHY. There are other more reliable shipping companies who also have good customer service and are much more worth the prices that you pay for shipping.

freeze said...

that is unfortunate of you, hope things gets settled soon. I had no problems with them with my $700+ purchase.

Anonymous said...

i use MSB to purchase itmes from US, BDO billed me and paid immediately, the problem was i cannot log in to my MSB account, i even called MSB office and inquire about whats happening with their website, i send 5 emails with no reply from their side. i requested if i can "authorize my transaction through phone" it's been 3 months now since i got billed by BDO with no itmes on hand. How come this happens,,,, it really suck, up to now i can't access my account, Is this saome kind of a scam??? ang alam lang ng sumasagot sa phone ng MSB ay maghintay maayos ang website nila... hahaha 3 months hindi pa naayos website nila?? grabe naman. guys out their don't ever try this MSB...promise walang kwenta masasayang lang pera ninyo

civic said...

I've been dealing with their service for a few months now,ok naman everything that I ordered got delivered on my doorstep. Then I ordered a Brembo Rotor Brake Disk,I got an email from the Online Merchant where I purchase it,they sent me a UPS tracking number and when I check it UPS website item's already been delivered. Now I tried to access my account on my-shoppingbox however i can't log-in even if you used the retrieved password function it's saying that my email address is invalid. I mean WTF! i used only one email in my entire life and i paid a 1 year subscription for their services last september of 2010 anong month pa lang ngayon may 2011 wala pang 12 months hindi na ako maka log in,i tried to email their customer services and also tried calling their office walang nasagot and it is an office hour at hindi pa nila lunch. up to now wala pang sagot,once i get those brembo brake rotors i would never deal with this company again.

freeze said...

hmm... meron pa naman sana akong bibilhin sa amazon. your posts make me think twice! i think i will have to call BDO

Anthony said...

hmmm...I'm a customer and no problem with them but they only have Sea Freight so Im about to try My Shopping box coz I need the item that Im about to buy as soon as possible and because of this nightmares of lost items and poor customer service, I guess I have to stick with sea freight with pobox.

Anonymous said...

Pls help! I also can't log in. I have pending goods for delivery and i can't authorize shipment. My orders total $700 and it's already paid

Wheatgrass Man said...

I've been using MSB for 2 years now and so far have been satisfied with the service. I usually order from Amazon, but have tried other online sites as well. I've used them for small items, to big ones like a Yamaha Keyboard.

The only thing that recently disappointed me was the restriction on items with lithium batteries (like the Kindle for example). Apparently,this is a law that they have to comply.

I wonder if Johnny Air has the same limitation?

Anonymous said...

The best way to solve this issue is to report it to media. We will voice out our problems to Imbestigador(GMA 7) and T3(TV 5). They(MY-SHOPPINGBOX is kind-of-a-scam. Let's unite and make our voice heard,so we can expunge this kind-of-a-scam service of MY-SHOPPINGBOX.

Anonymous said...

Just now I tried logging to my account. lo and behold I can't. haha! Any other international shipment service out there?

james abram said...

Like MSB, I know one of the greatest freight forwarding companies in the Philippines, Orient Freight. You can visit their site here:

Aldrin Tadas said...

I believe you'd have to use your phone number as username to login not your email addy.

for example, if your phone number
is 09328882050
you'll login with

then enter your password.

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