Saturday, December 4, 2010

There's Always Plan B

After a week of being indecisive, this week's event may not be all too sweet for my ears.  So I opted to stay where my heart is, that is Cebu.  I guess I've said my piece to my peers, the best way I can so as not to offend anyone intentionally or unintentionally.

I thought I'd be such a loser being stuck here with my mind wandering on prestine white sand of Boracay or zipping high up in Davao.  But the weekend turned out to be promising.  I was invited to an appreciation dinner at the Marriott tonight for an 80's themed party but opted to have casual dining at Dong Juan with a visiting cousin.  I volunteered to be his host while my parents are away.  Tomorrow, I'm taking him to Parkmall to watch the last leg of Tanduay's Nationwide Tour of Tanduay First Five 2010 featuring today's most popular Pinoy rock band: Bamboo, Kamikazee, 6 Cycle Mind, Sandwich, Chicosci.  It will be a first for me to watch a rock concert, but having these five in one venue is something to look forward to.  I'm not sure if I could relate, but nonetheless, I'm sure I'll enjoy it with the VIP tickets I have on hand.

Unbelievably, all weekends of December are filled up. This Sunday will be a long day with an early morning run and will cap the day with the homecoming of a close friend which should mean: a reunion with a set of good friends.   Next weekend will be a Christmas party with two different sets of badminton friends, the following weekend will be spent with family at Shangri-la Mactan Resort and a wedding of a college classmate.  And then, it will be an extended Christmas vacation in Kuala Lumpur and Siem Reap.

Aaah, life is sweet because there is always Plan B.

What:  Tanduay First Five 2010
When:  December 4, 2010, Saturday
Where:  Parkmall, West Parking Area
             Ouano Avenue, Mandaue Reclamation Area, Cebu
For Tickets: Simply redeem proof of purchase of any Tanduay product at their booth next to Family Appliance and M. Lhuiller inside Parkmall.

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