Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In Dilemma

A few months ago, when I learned that my badminton friends bought tickets to Davao, I thought it's a good time to revisit the place.  It has been years since my last trip there and there seems to be a few interesting things to do there since.  When Cebu Pacific Air went on sale, I decided to join them and purchased a ticket to Davao.  The group will arrive a day earlier and play badminton while three of us will follow the next day and have agreed not to play but just to explore other stuff in Davao like ziplining and/or wakeboarding.   Unfortunately, the two who will be joining me are backing out.  Here comes my dilemma!  Proceeding with the trip without these two will definitely put me out of place.  I guess, I'm all too quiet, prim and proper for their standards!  Hay,  I feel left out lately already, what can I do in Davao for two days to make the most out of my stay there (even with my lonesome self)?

Then I bumped into this ad!  For a thousand roundtrip via Seair, I can spend the weekend in Boracay instead.  Last weekend, I got an invite from my bestfriend to join her in Boracay Shangri-la (courtesy of Coca-Cola Philippines).  Seven months ago, I was with the same group in Regency Boracay.  This time, after a day use in Shangri-la, we plan to resort hop the next two days in Station 2.  However, I have to go on leave for three days but the offer is simply irresistible and the sea breeze is calling me...

Oh my, I'm torn but I better have a good excuse.


tmas said...

boracay is it! more for the company than the place!

freeze said...

tmas, i know, it's a no brainer. unfortunately, i cannot go on leave for three days :(

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