Saturday, July 17, 2010

US VISA Application for Filipinos

Getting a US Visa is probably every Filipino's nightmare. For one, it's expensive, second, chances of getting approved is not that high. Although since recession has hit America, most people I know got 10 years visa, my friend's nanny was even granted 5 years! But mind you, upon entering US soil, immigration official remain stern. IMHO, US immigration officials (considering they are not American themselves) are probably the most unwelcoming beings on earth.  (Amsterdam have the most charming and not to mention good looking immigration officials.) They would say they have tightened security since the 9/11 incident, but ten years ago, they were already like that.

I've always have a US visa since I was a kid. I'm lucky that I was granted multiple entry through drop box.  But that is no longer allowed.  The last one was granted ten years ago and it recently expired.  I am now preparing necessary documents for my first US visa interview ever and it's a long shot.

Non-immigrant Visa Application entails the following process:
  • Online Visa Application Form is mandatory effective May 24, 2010. 
  • Attach a 2"x2" digital photo on the DS-160.  You can find the Photo guidelines here and test your photo here.
  • After completing your DS-160 online, you may set an appointment through the call center or online through visapoint.
  • $10 is charged to my credit card for opting for registering with visapoint.  Only one registration is required for a family of five living in the same address.  Groups of 5 or more traveling for the same purpose can also use the Standard Group option.
  • With visapoint,  you can readily see the available dates and time of appointment.  Appointment can be changed upto three times.
  • After completing the registration, appointment, and applicant information print the Machine Readable Visa Application; the barcode must be readable.
  • Pay applicable visa fees through Banco de Oro and Citibank together with a copy of:
  1. the Machine Readable Visa Application
  2. DS-160 Confirmation Page
  3. Appointment Confirmation Receipt
    Effective June 4, 2010, the fees are as follows:

    $140 – B1/B2, C1/D, F, J, and all other NIV categories not listed below (Visitor/Transit/Student)
    $150 - H, L, O, P, Q, and R (Temporary Worker)
    $350 – K (Fiancée)
    $390 - E (Investor/Trader)
  • The bank will issue two copies of bill payment slip.
  • Attach the blue copy (embassy copy) to the DS-160 and submit it during the interview.
  • Be at the embassy an hour before the scheduled interview.
  • Present the following documents for USA visa interview:
  1. DS-160 with blue copy of bill payment slip
  2. Machine Readable Confirmation Page
  3. Appointment Confirmation Page
  4. Passport with 6 months validity from intended date of departure
  5. NSO Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate
  6. Additional documentary requirements may be necessary for different visa type.
  7. For tourism, applicant must show evidence of financial status and ties in the Philippines.
With the number of applicants a day, the interviewing consular does not necessarily go through the documents you submit; the data on the DS-160 will definitely be crucial.  Basic questions will be asked and gut feel will probably grant or deny you your visa.

I'm flying to Manila a few weeks from now for my scheduled interview, wish me luck!


nina said...

All the best for your visa application!

freeze said...

thanks nina!

Money Magnet said...

hope you got yours.

thanks for the guide. will come in handy when I do decide to get one already.

freeze said...

yes i did for 10 years!!! :) unfortunately, my brother was denied. i'll post some tips and lessons learned here soon.

Stephen said...

teach me. hehehe
how come he was denied, sabay naman kayo nag-apply right?

siguro the officer thought sobra na kayo sa quota niya hehehe.

heart-breaking naman - getting denied infront of family pa talaga. (parang hindi ka kapamilya hehehe)

freeze said...

he made an honest mistake in his answer, and the consul construe as if he was lying. hay, presence of mind jud. $140 + airfare went pfft! :(

maka luya, na guol cya kay di na cya kasakay og roller coaster! lol

renewal ka? have your biz under your name, you'll be granted for sure.

Sun Jun said...

what biz? hahaha.

dili pud ko renewal, never held one before.

ingna imo brother sa ferris wheel nalang siya sakay sa Star City hahaha

freeze said...

haha kaluoy, mag universal studios na lang in SG.

ask your parenthood to include your name sa papers :) it might be hard for you unless you have other documents to present or "stories to tell" the consul :D

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