Friday, July 2, 2010

Stalking the Stalker

As I browsed through my news feed on facebook, I didn't find any interesting post, not until I came across a comment over a friend's post with a familiar name.  I read it twice and it occurred to me that  it's the name of the person who stalked me sixteen years ago and several years thereafter.

Sixteen years ago, when mobile phone was not yet in the mainstream, I received a call at home from a stranger.  He introduced himself and explained he found me through our highschool yearbook.  If my memory served me right, he went to a different school and was several years my senior.  The conversation lasted for a few minutes basically fishing information how he got hold of our yearbook and who else he had been calling.  A few days or weeks later, I got a call again and managed to cut it really short.  Years later, he managed to find my contact number in my work place reintroducing himself as my old phone pal, that gave me goose bumps! At some point he knew I was out of town and got hold of my mobile phone.  Years later, he called me again in my most recent employer's office.  I could not help but lie and pretend that I don't remember him.  The circumstances were freaking me out.

If we have bumped into each other in the past, I had no idea how he looked like but I'm sure he'd recognize me.  Although I'm not a hundred percent sure that it's him, the name isn't that common.    I doubt if I could recognize him in public, his profile picture looked... uh rather generic (sorry for the use of such term), but at least I could be cautious because now I know the face behind the name.


Tuesday nights, is badminton night.  I was exceptionally hyper.  Since the next day is a mid-week holiday, the group bonded with a midnight snack at Tinder Box.  There I saw an old flame with a group of friends and his wife in the cigar room behind the glass window right in front of me.  I last saw him six years ago,  other than being curious how he looks like now (he gained weight!), I was eager to know how I'd react.  The possibility of me fainting due to sudden drop of blood pressure used to come to mind.  But I'm relieved to know that moment didn't bother me a bit.

Thank God.  Everything comes into place at the right time, at the right place.  :)

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