Monday, July 12, 2010

More Reasons to Tour Around the World Before Hitting 40

I have a family who loves to travel but the fact is, they are starting to age and it's such a hassle to be traveling with them. I would definitely not enjoy a trip pushing their wheelchairs while hearing endless nagging, following their baby steps when they refuse to sit on one, food restrictions due to health problems, arguing that baggage allowance and so many other new travel restrictions are in placed, or even getting accused of illegal acts in a foreign land.  On the other hand, I would also not enjoy a trip being in their shoes: senior and traveling.

Tragic as it may seem, a family friend was murdered a day he was scheduled to leave for China, on that same trip, an aunt suffered palpitations and hyperacidity, another aunt tripped and fractured her ankle while walking around Shanghai Expo. The same person, dislocated her hips a few months before on a trip to Laoag.  Mom's legs trembling after strolling along the strip of Las Vegas.  Some travelling by land for 3 days after suffering high altitude sickness in Tibet.  All of them are senior citizens, having the luxury of time and money to travel after hitting 50.

I'm lucky to be in a company of good friends who share the same passion for adventure and travel, stretching the peso but not at the expense of comfort.  I just ought to be wary about those so called free riders or "friends for convenience" that unknowingly get into my nerves.

Nevertheless, it just gives me more and more compelling reasons to save up and to tour around the world before hitting forty.

Just a light bulb moment, I guess I hit my head too hard on the car door earlier today.


sunjun said...

thinking about 40 already? hahaha ^^

marunong ka na rin mang intriga ha. don't follow in my footsteps hehehe.

freeze said...

sunjun... yeah, probably because my badminton buddies are turning 40 this month! hehe

excuse me for ranting, i know patience is a virtue but can't help getting frustrated at times. :)

Money Magnet said...

hahaha ^^ even at our 40s, it should still be ok to travel. ^^ huwag lang siguro 50s, mahirap na ^^

Sun Jun said...

btw, jiuzhaigou in China. Is that the one with the nature-like hotel? Something like a hotel in the mountains? ^^ my relatives have mentioned it, gusto daw nila puntahan.

freeze said...

sunjun, i don't know if there's a nature like hotel there. There's Sheraton :D That's the lake where the movie Hero was shot, Zhang ziyi flew over the lake.

i so like to go there!!! it has been 7 years, and it's haunting me haha.

It's best to go there in autumn. Are they oldies? it's high altitude there, not advisable for those with heart problems.

freeze said...

money magnet, travel gyapon oi even in our 50s! haha there are just places to go while we are still physically more able :D

Sun Jun said...

hahaha tama!

oh wow! ganda nga ng lake na yun. Nandun din kaya si Zhang ziyi? hehehe

That's what they said din, yung mga kilala nila na pumunta had to bring oxygen daw so this must be it. ^^

Buti naman at merong Sheraton.

freeze said...

yup, there are portable oxygen tanks available for sale daw. Mike has been there and it's super nice daw. Pag organize nya, count me in basta autumn. :D

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