Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chronicles of Planning a Trip to South America from the Philippines - Flights

I never thought planning a trip to South America from the Philippines can be so complicated. We're eyeing on visiting the countries of Peru, Argentina, Brazil and if time permits, Chile.

Visa is not required for Filipino Citizen to enter Brazil and Peru while it is necessary for Chile ($30) and Argentina.  Surprisingly, American Citizens are required to get a visa for Brazil at $140 for reciprocity.

Flying into South America is pricey and is uber long haul.
  • There is no direct flight to South America from the Philippines.
  • Flights from the Philippines costs at least $2,000; almost double the price to any destination in the USA or Europe.
  • Travel time will be at least 29 hours (upto 48 hours) including layover with 1 to 3 stops.
  • Entry points shall be Lima, Peru, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sao Paolo, Brazil, or Santiago, Chile.  has been my companion in searching for flights.  So far, here are what I've found.

Starting June 24, 2010 Qatar airways fly direct to Sao Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina via Doha from Manila or Cebu, with a tag price of $2,400 on economy and $4,780 on business class.

Malaysian airlines/African Airways fly via Johannesburg, South Africa to Buenos Aires, Argentina  (How about hitting two birds with one stone?)

Aerolineas Argentinas fly from Sydney to Lima, Peru or Buenos Aires via New Zealand.

via Hong Kong
- African Airways via Johannesburg, South Africa
- American Airlines via JFK
- LAN via aukland, new zealand to santiago chile
- LAN via JFK to lima, peru
- Air Canada via Toronto to Santiago, Chile

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