Friday, March 26, 2010

Not Again

It's not a joy to be visiting four different clinics the past week.  While chatting with my BFF who is a physical therapist based in the USA, I was stretching/folding my wrist, when I suddenly felt a sharp pain over the collar bone.  This is the second time it happened.  The first one was last January while playing badminton.  My chiropractor said I partially dislocated my collar bone.  My therapist said I need an x-ray.  The orthopedic doctor in Manila said I did not stretch enough.  Browsing through the internet for possible impingement syndrome is driving me nuts.  For some peace of mind, I had to visit my orthopedic doctor today.

The diagnosis was a thining cartilage in between the collar bone that led to a bone spur due to repetitive action of the arm.

I am again under medication with arcoxia 120mg for ten days and glucosamine sulfate 1500mg for three months.  I'm not so fond of taking meds or vitamins, but I guess with the numerous injuries I had, this time I have to religiously take them.  Glucosamine is a food supplement for the cartilage.  They are available over the counter but my orthopedic doctor insisted that it should contain 1500mg Glucosamine Sulfate and not Hydrocloride as most popular brands contain.  Chondroitin and MSM are not necessary.

There I go again.

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