Saturday, January 2, 2010

Discovery Weekend

Discovery Weekend is recognized by the Catholic church as a pre-cana - a pre-requisite before they are allowed to be married in church. I have friends and relatives who have previously joined this program... all of them have positive reviews saying it assisted them to discuss issues that were taboo and those taken for granted before saying I DO. Most said their I do's and a few decided to separate; well at least before they tie the knot. Although the schedule for 2010 is not yet out, I'm forwarding this link to my sister who's tying the knot in September.

To know more about Discovery Weekend, read on:

The Discovery Weekend is a weekend experience held in the Philippines for engaged couples or "steadies" who are seriously considering marriage.

The purpose of the program are the following:

* to assess each one's relationship to oneself, to each other, to God and the Christian community
* to experience, develop and deepen their relationship through a method of communication and dialogue which they can bring into their marriage
* to witness to the many dimensions of marriage openly, honestly and realistically through a team of three married couples and a priest
* to be able to plan their marriage and not just their wedding

It is designed for couples seriously considering marriage. They can be engaged to marry in a week's time or going steady for a short period but contemplating marriage. The weekend is not necessarily for perfectly matched couples nor is it designed to help unstable relationships. The program is intended to enrich and deepen the couple's relationship to better prepare them for marriage. So any couple may join the program, regardless of the status of their relationship-as long as marriage is in their minds.

Contact Information:

Discovery Weekend Foundation (PHILIPPINES)
(SEC Registered as Marriage Preparation Foundation)

3rd Floor, Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM)
Ateneo De Manila
Loyola Heights, Quezon City PHILIPPINES

P.O. Box 305, U.P. Diliman, Q.C.
Telephone No.: 426-1271, (0917) 665-6181
Contact Person: Lala Denila

CEBU Contact Person: Mike & Joyce Fernan
Telephone No.: (032) 2612349, (0917) 620-2020
DAVAO Contact Persons: Gay & Alen Famador
Telephone Nos.: (0917) 704-2809, (0916) 700-1152
Chito & Cindy Pat
Telephone No.: (0927) 343-1315

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