Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cebu Pacific Refund and New Travel Options

Google about Cebu Pacific then you'll read a lot of blogs if not about it's low fares it's by disgruntled customers, about it's poor on-time performance and more so about their poor customer service including delayed refund processing, bumping off passengers on overbooked flights, cancellation or flight delays without proper notice. If you've been following my blogs, I had my fair share.

Almost always I get jittery when I take a flight with Cebu Pacific because of it's poor customer service. Since PAL doesn't ply the route to Siargao, I had to take my chances again with them. We booked our trip to Siargao four months beforehand to avail of promo rates. When it's promo rate, it's obviously not refundable, it's a risk any budget traveller would take.

A few weeks before our scheduled flight we were informed via email (wow) and got a call too (wow) that our flight was moved ten minutes earlier. We were given the option to rebook, reroute or refund at no extra cost. Wow! I took the chance of cancelling the flight of a companion who could not make it. The agent gave me a locator number regarding the refund. Previously, I had to haggle and insist on them giving me a letter stating so. Today, I got the refund through my credit card. This time not 6 months later but within 30 days. Wow (again)! I took Cebu Pacific twice this year and I had no problem with them this time. I'm eagerly waiting for the promo come new year. Have I forgiven Cebu Pacific? Slight! haha They will still remain my second choice but I'm giving them a free plug...

This month, they introduced new travel options like change of name and a travel fund, read on for more details.

Starting December 1, 2009, leading domestic airline Cebu Pacific (CEB) will offer new products for the additional convenience of its guests.

The name change option allows passengers to transfer their tickets to another passenger for a fee.

Meanwhile, the travel fund allows passengers to use the value of changed flights within 90 days from the date the fund is created, or to transfer the booking to another passenger. The fund eliminates the waiting time for refunds. Passengers can immediately use the stored amount for their next booking.

CEB will also begin using a new booking and cancellation policy starting December 1, 2009.

Under the new rules, passengers can change their ticket more than one day before departure date. This includes modifying flight, route, date of travel and name, or canceling flights.

Involuntary flight disruptions (such as cancellations or delays by CEB) of three hours or more allows passengers to refund or store booking in the Travel Fund for future travel without penalties within 30 days.

In cases of situations beyond the airline’s control (like weather), tickets are not refundable but passengers may rebook flights without penalties as long as travel is completed within 30 days. Passengers may also store booking in the Travel Fund, but with a penalty since these disruptions are beyond CEB’s control.

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