Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

America has glorified halloween, it's even more festive than Christmas my friend said. I went shopping for Halloween costumes at Target for my nephews and Disney for my niece. As a stage aunt, I'm excited too see them in their new costumes this Saturday, at least this time they don't have to dress as superheroes or princess from SM like so many other kids. hehe (It's quite ironic for someone who's not so willing to wear one herself. haha!)

I had an early halloween feast in Universal Studios and Disneyland, California. My friends would laugh at me but a trip to the USA won't be complete without the theme parks!

Universal Studios in Universal City.

Universal Studio offers a sneak peak of behind the scene on famous tv shows and movies. Aside from this, the park is also packed with thrilling rides. This is what I love most! If there's anything not to be missed, I say get soaked with Jurassic Park the ride, adrenalin rush at the Revenge of the Mummy the Ride, optical illusion with 4-D The Simpsons Ride. It was worth paying 30$ premium for priority line, waiting in line can go as long as an hour or two.

Before closing time, our last stop was the House of Horrors. I was trailing behind two screaming ladies, I had to keep up with them so I won't be in the forefront being bullied by "dead people". Until I was steps away from them and my parents were meters behind me. At some point I was alone, I looked back and saw a Hunchback following me. I freaked out and literally ran to the exit. I can't believe it, I got teary-eyed after a good laugh at myself.

After a day in Universal Studios, dine and hang around in Universal City Walk, right outside the Studio.

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim

I thought a day in Disneyland would be enough for a third timer like me, but I was wrong. It has been thirteen years since the last time, now there's two Disneyland Resort Parks in Anaheim. Aside from the classic Disneyland Park, there's Disney's California Adventure. The latter is for the kids at heart like me and my parents. I had a thrilling free fall ride on the Tower of Terror, a 360 degree turn on the roller coaster, weeeeee!

After a day at Disney, unwind and dine in Downtown Disneyland, just right outside the park.

So who said I'm too old for Disney? I'm just a proud Disney baby, are you? :)


dyosa said...

I love the Mickey Mouse pumpkin! :-D

freeze said...

:) thanks for dropping a line dyosa.

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