Thursday, August 27, 2009

Secret Hotels

Thanks to internet (for the nth time), it does save a lot of money when making arrangements for travel. In my previous trip, the internet has become my saviour for countless ideas and tips from travellers, not to mention the forums that answers specific inquiries.

This time, I am busy googling for airfare and hotels. It's amazing how much savings it is to book flights online, I got like 50% off from what the travel agencies are quoting here. did all the help. It can search for flights from different airlines and not only that. It can even search which site provides the best rate for the same flight. It is so easy to use, the buttons to specify flight hours, stop over, lay over times are just a slide away. Check it out and see what I mean.

From Kayak, I bumped across They have this thing called "Discounts on Top Secret Hotels", as they put it:

We call them secret hotels as we sell for so cheap that we cannot publish the hotel name. The name of the hotel will be secret till you complete your booking and see the amazing deal up to 70% off.

After going through a lot of forums, little information is available. I've learned this site is maintained in Istanbul and it had its fair share of good and bad reviews. I tried it out, booked four nights with a secret hotel with a room called "Venezia Suite Twin Room". That was a give away, nowhere else in Las Vegas has a room with that name. After paying online, with a sigh of relief, I had a great bargain. I just booked with no less than the Venetian Las Vegas with one night free stay.

The hotel vouchers looks decent and it's already on my credit card bill. I am just so hopeful this isn't a hoax. If it is, I'll never hear the end of it from my mom and you'll never hear the end of it in my blog. haha I'm keeping my "fingers crossed". :D


Lisa Blair said...

This is useful website which has information how to reduce travel expenses including ticket rate... thanks.

freeze said...

it turned out well and good. :)

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