Saturday, August 29, 2009

From Cortisone Injection to Freaky Friday

After four months of tennis elbow injury from too much wrist extension playing Farm Town and badminton, I finally decided to see my orthopedic surgeon. I wasn't upto having a surgery but rather, considering the idea of having Cortisone injection. My doctor wasn't really up to it yet since the specific tendon causing the pain cannot be identified. Cortisone injection is advisable only to be done on a swollen tendon, my doctor explained. It only treats the inflammation and injecting it on a normal tendon will cause more harm. If inappropriately done, it can cause the bone or tendon to brittle. Ergo, I'm not such a good candidate, we'll see after ten days of arcoxia.

I took the elevator from the hospital basement back to the lobby. As I walked in, I saw a very familiar face. Wearing his office uniform and holding a kid. I stared at him (while he was staring at me) deciding whether or not to strike a smile. Seconds later, I was battling with the thought - this person can't be the one I know. But he looks exactly like him, his built, his complexion, everything! Except that his company shirt was not where he was working but just the same, it's located in the same zone. I was tempted to ask him if he knows the person I know, but I was too scared to hear his reply. When the elevator door opened, I hurriedly walked out, then it dawned on me, the person I know who looks exactly like him is dead!

I've never been so scared, I felt like crying for a second, then felt goose bumps all over. I was at the wake, it was crazy of me to even think what if his death was a fake. I guess I've been watching too much telenovelas.

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