Monday, August 3, 2009

A Country in Mourning

The Philippines is in mourning following the death of former President Corazon Aquino. It has been 23 years since she became the icon of democracy of our country and to the rest of the world. The prayer vigil all over the country during her battle of cancer was overwhelming... I am personally overwhelmed and surprised to realize that she is well loved by many. It is no doubt that in life and in death she continued to unite the people in prayer.

Yesterday, I woke up from an afternoon nap by Kris Aquino's (her youngest daughter) voice on television. Kris is known to be the prodigal daughter yet remained to be her mom's favorite. It was her first time to speak in public after her mother's death. A good host as she is, she clearly recounts the battle of the late president and her family. She shared to the public what her family has opted to keep in private the past month. As I watched her, I could not help but feel her pain... sobbing and crying a bucket of tears for nearly two hours, that left my eyes puffy when I had to attend a party that night. Her story was very heartfelt, showing that they are just as fragile as anyone else. Anyone who has lost a loved one or has fears to lose one will definitely relate and learn from that experience.

Senators are now pushing to pass a bill to declare January 25, her birthday as Cory Aquino Day. A 10 day national mourning has been declared and August 5, has been declared a special non working holiday by political foe and incumbent President Gloria Arroyo to observe the internment. What remains to be seen is if and when the President comes back from the USA, she is duty bound to pay her last respect, damn if she do, damn if she don't, hopefully they can manage to be apolitical.

If Ninoy spoke with dignity "You have a president who robs you, and a first lady who robs you more." With President Cory Aquino's death (and Cardinal Sin), who would be brave enough to standby, lead the people and say "You have a president who robs you, and a first gentleman who robs you more."?

Nothing personal, strictly politics.

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backpacking philippines said...

lost an icon. i just hope filipinos value the gift of democracy and also get rid of oligarchs too

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