Friday, July 10, 2009

At Home in Bangkok, Thailand

I had second thoughts of visiting Bangkok, Thailand because of the political issues hounding the country. Last December thousands were stranded when the airport was blocked by protestors and another incident months later. I "facebooked" my Thai friend about visiting Bangkok, she said it's absolutely safe. I take her word for it, and it was just an hour before midnight, an hour before Philippine Airline's Real Deal was about to end. I was able to fly to Bangkok, Thailand for about P7,000. Regular fare usually average US$350.

This is my fourth visit to Bangkok, Thailand. This time, it's strictly no sightseeing. I'm going there simply to shop and to go on our own.


Without airport transfer service which costs about 1,400 baht per way, we opted to take the airport cab, located at the farthest (left) end of the terminal. It's just outside baggage carousel 20+, just where our empty luggage are. Taxi from the airport to Bangkok City is about 360 baht inclusive of toll fees. If you're a solo traveller, you may take the airport bus for only 150 baht.

We arrived in Arnoma Hotel 45 minutes later.


In my previous trip, I normally stay at Baiyoke Suite simply because it's cheap. Since tourism has gone down in Bangkok, hotel rates are low, so we got a good rate at Arnoma Hotel for only $220 good for 2nights, with daily buffet breakfast for 3 pax from

Arnoma Hotel is located across Central World and walking distance to other major shopping centers. Noticeably, they have renovated their lobby. It's looks much cleaner and nicer than two years ago.


A sky train runs across Bangkok City. In my four visits to Bangkok, I've never took the train but some friends say it's very convenient.

Lazy to go up the stairs to the sky train, I opt to take the taxi. It costs about 60-80 baht to get from one shopping center to another. :) It's quite near, but traffic in Bangkok is bad. Traffic routes are confusing aside from it being right hand drive, it's mostly one way street. Taxi drivers can be rude, you have to insist on having the meter on and you have to decline if they offer to drop you off in a jewelry store for them to get free gas. If they don't agree, go find another. Taxi is abundant in Thailand. As my friend says, there are too much vacant taxi even on rush hour.

The tuktuk is an option, but most drivers asks for 100 baht when it is suppose to be just 40 baht. It might be worth a try, for photo op.


Sun Jun said...

i have a tuktuk experience.

I don't know how much we paid but since we were so late for airport transfer pickup and the traffic was so bad that day that taking the tuktuk was the best option! The driver drove through a parking area and a mall passage to take us to our hotel! we made it on time ^^

as it turned out though, we shouldn't have hurried back because the airport transfer was caught in traffic as well. hehehe

freeze said...

haha, traffic in Bangkok is terrible! you get to places faster by foot.

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