Saturday, April 11, 2009

Discovering Camsur Watersports Complex

After our successful encounter with the whale sharks in Donsol, we were off to discover Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) in Pili, Camarines Sur.

It was an hour land trip from Donsol, Sorsogon to FilCab/GT Express Daraga Terminal.

In Daraga Terminal, several vans are waiting in line for hire. At P140 per head, we found our way to Pili, Camarines Sur two hours later on a Daraga - Naga van for hire. That's a lot of savings compared to hiring a private van at P3000. We got off on the highway, crossed the street and rode a tricycle leading to the Eco Village inside the complex of the Capitol. At P7.50 each, five of us and a stranger were forced to cramp inside this tricycle with our bags and luggage on top since the driver refused to have it all to ourselves.

I made reservations with Eco Village. Quite disappointed with what we saw, we had to look into the rooms first before we checked-in. Facilities and rooms are unfortunately not well maintained and dilapidated. The cabins looked more like dog houses (excuse me for such comparison but it's what I think it looked like). Even the staff could not give a decent answer if the rooms are good. The eco village concept would have been nice. I guess the reviews I read was written many years ago. Good that I've researched beforehand, I knew of other options. We asked if there is available room in the cabanas. Timely, the WWA Wakeboard Championship just concluded the previous day, there were available rooms. So we had to lag our bags again and cramp on a small tricycle further into the complex.

Voila! I was happy with what I saw. Accommodations at Villa del Rey is what I envisioned CamSur Watersports Complex is, clean and world-class. The front desk of Villa del Rey was right next to Villa del Rey Villas the most luxurious accommodation available in the complex with this huge pool nestled in the middle.

Across the street is where the Villa Del Rey Wood Cabins and Villa del Rey Containers are lined together in a spacious lot. On the other side is the Villa Del Rey Cabanas.

We settled in the Cabanas at P1350/room for two. I could not understand how the pricing scheme is but the accommodations in this newer area are cheaper than the rooms in eco village.

Open daily from 830am to 930pm, Mondays from 830am to 7pm

The WWA World Championship just concluded but the place is still packed with foreigners. I assume many of them joined the competition. The complex is equipped with free wi-fi, club house, swimming pool and more. Wakeboarding fees is reasonably priced, check out their website for applicable rates. As much as I wanted to try it out, I know I can't pull it off. The queue was long, once you fall you have to queue at the end of the line again so we opted to go to Lago del Rey.

Open daily from 830am to 6pm.

Lago del Rey Aquapark is just across the street, I saw this featured on Sports Unlimited a few weeks before our trip and it looked so much fun. It's a fresh water man-made lagoon, 5 to 20 feet deep, filled with inflatables for aquasports. A lifevest is provided and must be worn at all times. For P120 an hour or P380 per day, kids will enjoy the kiddie round inflatable and wading pool, while adults will enjoy playing on a slide, a seesaw, an obstacle course, a volleyball court, a trampoline and an iceberg (for wall climbing). Sailboats and jetski are also available for rent. It's so much fun being a kid for a day.


Food is available only at the clubhouse or at the Mansion for about P150 to P300/meal. Food kiosks are also available on special events.

Villa del Rey is walking distance to the wakeboarding complex and Lago del Rey. You'll need a ride going to and from the Eco Village and the Mansion. Free shuttle service is available around the complex but if there are too many guests, it would be difficult to find one. There's also a free shuttle that will take one from CWC to Naga City for about 15 minutes ride on a scheduled trip (9am, 2pm, 7pm). The airport is in Naga City, and so is the van and bus terminal.

The 9am free shuttle service to Naga dropped us off at the FilCab/GT Express van terminal in Naga, right across the soon to open SM Naga. At the van terminal, we managed to talk it through, to drop us directly at Legaspi airport for P150/head. It's two and a half hour land trip from Naga City back to Legaspi City, just in time for our flight.


Hail to the governer who has a vision to develop something like this. I hope they can keep up with the maintenance of the facilities more than his term in office and not just build and build something new. For my reader's info, it's taxpayers money that funds this project.

If there is anything that is remaining in my wish list for Bicol, I'd say Camaroan. See, the list just keeps getting longer!


Camsur Watersports Complex Office:
Provincial Capitol Complex
Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur
Contact Number: +63(54) 475-0689 or +63(54) 475-4784
Fax Number: +63(54) 477-5162


JJ said...

Hi! Where did you make your reservation for the cabana? Do they have free transfer service from Naga Airport-CWC-Naga Airport? Thanks thanks :D

freeze said...

Since we went on a weekday, we just walked in. Weekends can be really booked... you can contact Villa del Rey for reservations and they may require a deposit to confirm your reservation. or call: +63(54) 4775162
+63(54) 4750854/4773344/4773349/ 4773347

Yes, there's a free shared transfer service during these times 9am, 2pm, 7pm. pls call them to confirm.

Anonymous said...


I figured you wrote this blog about a year ago, so the cabana rooms must have been new. I don;t know what happened, but the cabana we're staying at now look like sh!t. As I was reading the 1st part of your blog I actually thought you were talking about the cabanas when you said they looked like dog houses. haha.. but seriously, we just checked in today after a looooong drive from Manila, and we were so hoping we could rest comfortably when we reach Villa Del Rey. But noooo. First, I had already been emailing them about our booking, and confirmed it many times. But when we got here, they weren't even sure if there was an available room for us (Queen bed Cabana).

Second, I also specified in my emails (w/c they confirmed and included in their price quotation) that we would require an extra bed. When we went into our room, we asked for the extra mattress to be delivered. We had dinner first at the CWC clubhouse so they could set it up in the room. When we went back, the bed still wasnt there. We were going to call them but THERE WAS NO phone in the room, so we had to call them using our OWN CELLPHONES. There were also no lobby numbers displayed in the room so we requested to be connected to them through the lakeside massage's number (the only number we found in the room).

Third, while waiting for the mattress, we found out that (1) there were no towels in the bathroom, (2) the remote control for the TV wasn't working, and (3) there's a leak on the ceiling (it was raining) with water dripping very near the electric socket (where my mom's new phone was being charged).

We asked them about the towels when they came in with the mattress so they brought 2 when they came back. No charge, but I mean, wtf?! Did we have to ask for everything before they give it to us?

I understand the room rate is only P1,700 but I really wouldn't mind if they charge a little more for some initiative and maintenance, right?

Sorry to write about this here, but I thought maybe this information would be a lot of help in case you plan to go back to Villa del Rey again... :)

freeze said...

oh, it's sad to hear about your experience. It took a while for them to give us towels too. At that time they were full after an international competition, twas understandable. anyway, thanks for the info.

They do have issues with maintenance, they would rather build new ones than maintain them, it's how government facilities get their budget, unfortunately.

Niezel Kathryn said...

Hi! How far is the Mansion Suites from the Lago del Rey Aquapark? How about the rates, do they still charges the guests at 3,750 for a family suites? Thank you!

freeze said...

hi niezel, eco village and the mansion is within the compound but it's one large area. i would say, it's about 20 minute walk to the water complex or you can take a trike to get there; or take the free shuttle.

For convenience, i would suggest you stay either at the Cabanas, Villas, tiki huts, wood cabins, or containers; dwell homes must be the latest addition. These are absolutely walking distance, you can even see the wakeboard cable from here.

freeze said...

Niezel, do check out their site for the latest applicable rates.

Niezel Kathryn said...

How about the parking area, is it near the Cabanas, Villas, tiki huts, wood cabins, or containers? I'm thinking of the Mansion Suites because we have two children with us. I think the capacity of the room would be enough but since it's far from the CWC, I'm having second thoughts. Would they allow an additional child per room in the Cabanas, Villas, tiki huts, wood cabins, or containers and Dwell homes? Say for example the maximum is only for two persons.

freeze said...

hi niezel, yes the parking area is near. If you have a car then staying at the mansion would not be a problem.

i was only able to stay at the cabana. the bed was two twin beds.

the dwell house and wooden cabin looked big. it's best to give them a call if they allow extra bed, but i don't think it would be a problem. But if you don't require additional bed, i don't think there is a way for them to check, the vicinity is just too big to possibly check on each room and be strict about it.

The dwell house, wooden cabin, cabana, container are individual villas.

Niezel Kathryn said...

Hi, aside from wake boarding, what other activities can we do inside the camarines sur water complex? What activities can children from 6-9 years old can enjoy? Thank you.

freeze said...

hello again Niezel, the kids will enjoy the aquapark with inflatables. although quite deep, there's an area designated for children.

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