Thursday, November 13, 2008

TARA3 Theories

The Amazing Race Asia 3 has just concluded it's second to the last episode. Malaysian moms Ida and Tania is heading the race, finishing off with $5000 for this leg. Team Philippines is in at 2nd place while Sam and Vince from Hong Kong came third.

With Geoff's attitude problem, I never expected they'd go this far. Strictly speaking both of them aren't Filipinos. If not only they represent our country, I won't root for them. This season has not attracted as much interest around town compared to TARA2, where everyone was struck with Marc and Rovillson's charisma.

Geoff and Tisha will have a good chance if given a physical challenge, but for mental games especially one that requires a lot of patience and presence of mind, could possibly jeopardize their chances.

Are there any spoilers? A $5M non disclosure policy is up for the participants and crew. But based on previous season of TARA...

The season is launched where the winning team is representing. Season1 in Malaysia, Season2 in Singapore, Season3 in the Philippines (yihaa!).

On the otherhand, the winner gets to appear in full length ads to endorse sony. In the case of Adrian and Collin, they had the longest one. This year, it's Sam and Vince.

Basing on odds, the second theory is more realistic on a marketing stand point.

What's your theory? 7 days to go til the final leg.


tin-tin said...

i don't like geoff's attitude.
you're right, marc and rovilson had a really different charisma. way better :)

kaya sobrang sayang nung natalo sila

freeze said...

i actually forgot to watch the final episode...

But my theory was right! The one who appears on a full length ad with sony wins. haha

Sam and Vince from Hong Kong won, Team Philippines came in second, Team Malaysia third.

Next season, I see Team Philippines wins haha.

backpacking philippines said...

i met geoff and tisha recently...even got pics of them :P

freeze said...

talaga! :P

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