Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Food for the Soul

I'm down with I don't know exactly what. My back was awfully sore yesterday that I had to rush home from work to take a rest. The culprit? I slept 2am the previous night surfing the net and didn't have a good sleep. For the past weeks, I've been reminding myself to sleep before midnight but I don't. I must also admit, I'm stressed at work. I'm faced with a responsibility that is stressing me out for the first time. With too much things at hand, I'm loosing focus and becoming less productive. For lack of sleep, coupled with stress, I knew this is coming.

Inspite of the good cupping massage at Thewi Thai last night, my back remained sore and my throat too! I don't know if it's flu, but I don't feel my temperature rise instead I felt chilling. The best thing about being sick is getting a day off from work. Let's just say half a day off cause I have to report in the afternoon otherwise I'll be putting my ailing aunt at risk of being sick again for stressing her out.

I had a cup of fresh orange juice for dinner, tomorrow, I'll have a cup of fresh apple juice. They all went to the grocery tonight to get me some fruits. My 5 year-old nephew and 4 year-old niece got me a pack of fresh milk and a bottle of soya milk respectively. It was their choice, their mom said. The lil ones insisted that they ought to be bring me some good food. God knows I'm not so fond of milk, but the thought these kids bring, was more than a hearty serving of food for the soul. It feels so much better.

Oh, my phone beeped, it reminds me that it's time to sleep. Ciao!


novz said...

hey, you shouldn't stay up till 2am. it's not good for your health, freeze.

ooops, i remembered staying late the other day (230am) just because of this blogging thing.

freeze said...

haha look who's talking! ya i know, it's the only time I stayed up that late and didn't feel sleepy at all. That's probably why it's taking a toll on me now.

The weather is so breezy, I can sleep all morning. :)

tutubi said...

it's been some time since i stayed late at night and it was work-related

early to bed, late to rise ako :P

i've read from nina's blog you're going to batanes? wow!

freeze said...

tutubi, yes I am! so excited, I paid for it this early and only 6 slots left.

oops, which reminds me, i still owe my sister for paying on my behalf. haha

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