Thursday, November 13, 2008

TARA3 Theories

The Amazing Race Asia 3 has just concluded it's second to the last episode. Malaysian moms Ida and Tania is heading the race, finishing off with $5000 for this leg. Team Philippines is in at 2nd place while Sam and Vince from Hong Kong came third.

With Geoff's attitude problem, I never expected they'd go this far. Strictly speaking both of them aren't Filipinos. If not only they represent our country, I won't root for them. This season has not attracted as much interest around town compared to TARA2, where everyone was struck with Marc and Rovillson's charisma.

Geoff and Tisha will have a good chance if given a physical challenge, but for mental games especially one that requires a lot of patience and presence of mind, could possibly jeopardize their chances.

Are there any spoilers? A $5M non disclosure policy is up for the participants and crew. But based on previous season of TARA...

The season is launched where the winning team is representing. Season1 in Malaysia, Season2 in Singapore, Season3 in the Philippines (yihaa!).

On the otherhand, the winner gets to appear in full length ads to endorse sony. In the case of Adrian and Collin, they had the longest one. This year, it's Sam and Vince.

Basing on odds, the second theory is more realistic on a marketing stand point.

What's your theory? 7 days to go til the final leg.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tonsillitis 101

I woke up this morning with the renewed hope to be able to report to work. But when I swallowed, my throat remained sore, my ears in pain, my sinus blocked. It's my first time to experience something this sore sans cough and colds. So I went to my EENT, the same doctor that treated my barotrauma from diving. Although personal check-up doesn't really show my tonsils inflammed, I had a feeling I have tonsillitis.

I didn't even finished opening my mouth then he exclaimed, "it's time to take some (co-amoxiclav) antibiotics, you have tonsillitis!" Aside from antibiotics, he prescribed two types of pain killer, one of which I remember taking during my knee injury and the other which I should take if pain persists. He also mentioned not to gargle with any commercial oral antiseptic and oops I just did three times a day. No wonder it didn't work unlike when I get the usual sore throat. He suggested warm water with salt instead.

It's my first time to get tonsillitis (I think) so I have no idea how this goes but it sounds just like an ordinary infection. Later in the afternoon, it struck me, why did he have to prescribe all those pain killer. So I asked my friend A and she said, yes expect for it to get worse. Uh oh! I was even thinking of not taking any of the pain killer as long as I could resist, with that thought, I have to get them ready.

If you are as ignorant as I am when it comes to Tonsillitis, read on. Tonsillitis doesn't only mean inflammed tonsils. It comes with other symptoms like:

enlarged and tender neck cervical lymph nodes, severe sore throat (which may be experienced as referred pain to the ears), painful/difficult swallowing, headache, fever and chills, body ache and change in voice causing a "hot potato" voice. Tonsillitis is characterized by signs of red, swollen tonsils which may have a purulent exudative coating of white patches (i.e. pus) like these:

Don't fret, these aren't mine. I don't have as much but I had all those symptoms except for headache.

It can be viral or bacterial. Viral will go away on it's own while bacterial needs antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics doesn't necessarily expedites the healing process, it only shortens the time being contagious. Apparently, you are contagious while you still have symptoms. Most people stop being contagious 24 to 48 hours after they start antibiotics. If you don't take antibiotics, you may be contagious for 2 to 3 weeks, even if your symptoms go away. I'm not such a believer of antibiotics but it makes sense this time.

There is no mention as to taking too much sweets causes tonsillitis. Is this a fallacy? I can't blame the three servings of ice cream I had during All Saints Day and the slice of sans rival and chocolate cake I had the next day.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Food for the Soul

I'm down with I don't know exactly what. My back was awfully sore yesterday that I had to rush home from work to take a rest. The culprit? I slept 2am the previous night surfing the net and didn't have a good sleep. For the past weeks, I've been reminding myself to sleep before midnight but I don't. I must also admit, I'm stressed at work. I'm faced with a responsibility that is stressing me out for the first time. With too much things at hand, I'm loosing focus and becoming less productive. For lack of sleep, coupled with stress, I knew this is coming.

Inspite of the good cupping massage at Thewi Thai last night, my back remained sore and my throat too! I don't know if it's flu, but I don't feel my temperature rise instead I felt chilling. The best thing about being sick is getting a day off from work. Let's just say half a day off cause I have to report in the afternoon otherwise I'll be putting my ailing aunt at risk of being sick again for stressing her out.

I had a cup of fresh orange juice for dinner, tomorrow, I'll have a cup of fresh apple juice. They all went to the grocery tonight to get me some fruits. My 5 year-old nephew and 4 year-old niece got me a pack of fresh milk and a bottle of soya milk respectively. It was their choice, their mom said. The lil ones insisted that they ought to be bring me some good food. God knows I'm not so fond of milk, but the thought these kids bring, was more than a hearty serving of food for the soul. It feels so much better.

Oh, my phone beeped, it reminds me that it's time to sleep. Ciao!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween has become more and more flamboyant. Costume party and trick or treat in villages, in malls, in restobars... After the kids attended the Halloween party in the afternoon, we proceeded for a sumptuous dinner at my fave Chinese-Malaysian Resto KK Fine Dining. I had the off-the-menu specialty like seafood curry and siomai. A new discovery was the steamed tofu and mashed tofu soup! I can't help but notice it's Jack 'o Lantern, sporting chinky eyes!

All Saint's Day was a scorching hot day. I had three servings of ice cream through out the day. We had a brief visit to the cemetery to honor my grandparents. Unlike other families who feast around the tombstone, a bite of ice cream, chicharon, green mangoes, some knick knacks and drinks should be the most we used to have. We've spent lesser time in recent years than we use to, perhaps for lack of importance to the date (but not the dead). Gone are those days when we spend hours waiting for the candles to melt and roll the wax into balls. Kids these days aren't fond of these kind of toying as they bring their PSP anywhere they go.

We ended a day with a conference at work, seriously, some things need to be ironed out even on holidays. Undeniably, tough times are here again.

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