Monday, June 23, 2008

Letting Go - Why I love Pacsafe

It's hard to let go of something that has become my constant companion.

I got this black sling bag from Esprit Factory Outlet in the US 15 years ago, it was pricey for someone who was a student then. I so love this bag that I take it everywhere I go. It has been with me in most of my travels simply because it's my ever reliable travel bag. At roughly 7"x10", it can contain my jacket, an umbrella, 185ml sunblock, wallet, face towel, tissue, candies, toiletries... seriously, it can contain all at the same time without having to take everything out when I needed any one. It even have a lil sister that my friend calls the "magic bag". During our trip to Davao, he was surprise to find out at barely 3"x4", it can fit my bulky wallet, a 185ml sunblock and a face towel.

It's getting worn out. I know it's even fully depreciated; I got these fifteen years ago. I'm ashamed to take it around with me now. I've been searching for that perfect replacement, but nothing seem to come close. If anyone has that in possession (preferrably brand new haha), I might be willing to buy it. Seriously! I can't seem to find something like that, light-weight, small but can pack a lot of stuff, versatile and can easily match my clothes. The le sportsac that came with my Tokidoki was fine but still not good enough.

So I'm still in search for the perfect bag to take with me to Ilocos in the coming days, to Coron in January, to Batanes in February and to Donsol3 in March! :)

-o- update

Two years later, I'm still in search for that perfect bag.  My needs for my so called perfect travelling bag has changed.  I can no longer leave the house without my gadgets: a dslr and a laptop; yet everytime I travel, I always worry about the safety of these stuff.  As I was surfing the net, I came across a post by my blogsy friend Nina about Pacsafe.  It's interesting to know that there's a bag designed for my travel needs.  I'm eyeing this CamSafe bag, perfect for my newly purchased Panasonic GF1;  the bag will still have enough room for its accessories, travel documents like passports and some toiletries for travel.

I'm also eyeing at this VentureSafe 200, hopefully my Vaio laptop fits in perfectly.  These anti-theft features of Pacsafe will be a perfect companion for my upcoming trip to Japan and more importantly to South America where theft is rampant.


Gypsy said...

Been there and you know what I discovered, you wont ever find the perfect exact replacement, but you will find a new one that will make you fall in love all over again for different reasons. :) Hope that happens soon for you!

freeze said...

gypsy, it really seems impossible but who knows, I have no choice. hehe :)

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