Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I remember

But seasons change and time erases the tears
As quickly as the rivers disappear
So while the song still brings that certain glow
And the words still sing of love I know
It isn't quite the way it was before
I remember the boy
But I don't remember the feeling
I remember the boy
But I don't remember the feeling anymore

A lovely song of moving on, no bitterness, simply letting go.

It remains inconceivable why my friend was stood up by her groom-to-be 3 months before their scheduled wedding. She kept mum about the reason, if there was any valid one, which left us wondering and speculating what has happened. Boys will be boys, bad boys can't turn good, can they? Nevertheless, I'm happy that she's moved on and I'm surprised that she finally spoke about her new found love. She found solace in the arms of a man who was annulled a month after his marriage to his girlfriend for 14 years. Hope they'll both find happiness with each other, anyone deserves a second chance.


Sun Jun said...

chizmiz ni ah. hehehe

freze said...

hehe you knew about these already, right?

my point is, they both deserve a second chance. :D

Sun Jun said...

no, i didn't.
my mind must have been preoccupied when you guys talked about it. hehehe

freeze said...

preoccupied with? hmm...

no you didn't miss out on anything, we didn't talk about the latter, not really.

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