Saturday, September 13, 2008

Executive Treatment

ECU stands for executive check-up. I don't remember the last time I had one, (if ever I did) so I volunteered myself to get one. I don't feel ill actually, I just felt the coming of age. Seriously, I thought I should have myself checked even I feel healthy before I feel unhealthy anyway, it's a privilege from our company's healthcare.

In preparation, I had to fast for at least 10 to 12 hours - no solids, no liquids. I have to confess, I cheated on the liquids. (hush, hush!) But I suppose small amount of water is allowed. My last meal was a bite of left-over sauteed lechon, oops I hope it doesn't affect the results abnormally.

I arrived at Cebu Doctor's University Hospital, the best equipped hospital in the city I must say, before 8am worried about long queues. As I presented the authority from my HMO, I was referred to the hospital's chairman's secretary. She gladly took the letter, had some forms filled up which shows the tests was worth more than P5,000 and informed me, she'll accompany me with all the tests. I had blood tests, (3 vials of them), urine exam, stool exam, x-ray, ecg, and ultrasound. I would have wanted a stress test but it's not included, I've tried all the tests before except for ecg, I kinda jerked at the start coz I didn't know it already started (oops!). I didn't have to queue, although not much patients were in line on a Saturday morning except for ultrasound which irked an out-patient why I was called in ahead along with other in-patients. I didn't expect this kind of service, apparently they provide extra assistance for all executive check-up packages. It was an executive check-up fitting for an executive.

An intern (Israeli or Indian?) found a cyst during the ultrasound but the radiologist said it's just physiological. As much as I don't want to think about it, the power of the mind is bothering. My dad was also asking for my blood results, I'm sure he'll take me to an alternative medicine clinic if something is wrong. The results will be available on Monday, but I will have to call to cancel my appointment, unknowingly, I have a meeting set.


tutubi said...

just remembered i've not had a checkup for the last 4 years :P

even if i recently found out there's an accredited clinic just walking distance from where i live :P

freeze said...

:D live a healthy lifestyle

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