Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Amici di Don Bosco

I've just learned about Amici di Don Bosco on my most recent trip to Manila. The night before my flight, I made plans to meet up with my friend L and she suggested Amici along Tomas Morato. I hinted on not having been to Trinoma, but she insists, she's not going any farther than Tomas Morato. So I agreed, not knowing anything where were heading to.

Amici di Don Bosco is an authentic Italian trattoria serving pizza, pasta, gelato and more. My friend's husband, gave me good background of the restaurant. It initially was a cafeteria along Pasong Tamo for Don Bosco Technical School. It was recently bought by the former owners of Red Ribbon. They now opened a new branch along Tomas Morato sporting a fastfood like look, much classier than their first branch's cafeteria look. We have to wait to be seated, we were sixth on the wait list. The way it is, I see it honing its way for franchising.

The Spaghetti White Vongole E Gamberetti is much more savory than what I've been cooking, it had anchovies in it. They use wood fire oven that cuts cooking time to 5 minutes; but it took them a while to serve our Shrimp and Basil Pizza. Then, there's Italian Garlic Sausage, Spinach Pasta, Strawberry Gelato and a liter of Tropicana Orange Juice, drinks are available by the liter which makes your meal much cheaper. With hungry pangs, I only got to shot what's left of our pizza:

The food is really good and the price is reasonable at P200-300 per dish. Best of all, twas my friend's treat. Thank you! :D But it's nothing fancy, I guess, us Cebuanos are spoiled by the many Italian Chef owned restaurants in the city like La Tegola, Idea Italia, Giuseppe and La Bouna Forchetta.


While having a chat with my chef cousin B, I've learned that Chef Giorgio Bucciarelli (developer of Amici menu, now no longer connected with Don Bosco) used to hold culinary class for Don Bosco Technical School. He paid about P1,500 per head for a class back then. That's not bad at all.

He was kind enough to share those recipe with me, yipee! :D I'll definitely be having an Italian feast in the next few months. :D

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