Monday, July 28, 2008

New Age of Marketing

The books tells you 101 ways to market your product... but there is no one successful formula. I'm no expert in this field either.

Have you heard of establishments with awards, like shopper's choice, outstanding retailer of the year and so forth? Yep, it doesn't only happen in the movie industry. As an ordinary consumer, I was led to believe that these companies were actually screened and given such award voluntarily. The truth is, these so called award giving bodies are actually advertising or marketing agencies. We received several notices that we are nominated as this and that and we shall be awarded in exchange for a sum of money. How can these be credible when a nominee has to pay for such award? It costs around twenty to more than a hundred thousand pesos to get that so called seal of excellence. Wow, such easy money for them! It shall remain credible for as long as the consumer remains ignorant of how the process works. Nevertheless, this new age of marketing seems to work.

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