Saturday, July 5, 2008

Her words

It has been a tough morning. We woke up at 2am as we heard a bang and found my 60-yr old roommate faint on the bathroom floor. She regained consciousness a few seconds later but it was a struggle to bring her up to her bed. She was cold, pale and dizzy, there were moments I thought she stopped breathing. I felt helpless for a moment not knowing what to do. Later, she felt better. So we went back to bed. Two hours later, we heard her calling. She was all sweat, pale and dizzy again. Not feeling any better, she started talking like it's her last. Her words send shiver down my spine, my knees weakening, I knew I was fainting so I moved away.

It is so odd to hear those words. I didn't want to listen simply because I know it is not her last, please not now, I thought.


SUN JUN said...

i hope she's alright.

freeze said...

better. hope all's well tonight.

nope, it's not conclusive - the medication prescribed for her flu... antibiotics, histamine, etc was too much for her system to handle, led to hyperacidity and hypotension.

Sun Jun said...

glad to know that.


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freeze said...

Thanks for your concern.

OT: you're on a blogging spree lately and i see $$$! haha Is the 2nd link yours as well?

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