Thursday, June 26, 2008

It only takes one morning

It has been three fun weekends and I am having a terrible hangover. For the past weekends, I've been beach bumming in Boracay, partying in Tagbilaran and team building in Shangrila, Mactan. What's more, I recently bought a slab of angus rib-eye and porccini mushroom (perfect for my home-cooked spaghetti funghi porccini) and had a tasty lechon, crabs & prawns last night! I feel like a bum... I've not been productive in the office, I haven't gone to the gym or played badminton since. I promised myself to wake-up early to attend baile latino, kick & punch and hip hop class since yesterday but failed. It only takes one morning to lift my lazy bone up, and I can't seem to do it. I hope I have not put on some weight. I'm looking forward to another trip in July and August, oh this isn't healthy! :p

*this is just a prelude of a busy year ahead!


SUN JUN said...


if you're busy then you're not a bum hihihi

freeze said...

i'm just pretending to be busy lately. bottom line, not productive.

freeze said...

enrolled myself in an 8-month gym membership yet i haven't started one session yet! the holidays is coming soon, uh oh.

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