Sunday, June 29, 2008

Confessions of a shopaholic

I am a shopaholic in my own way. I am happy that I am not impulsive, you have no idea how much time and effort I spend before I buy. There are just moments when I feel like splurging, but that doesn't happen often. For me, splurging is a state of mind, because if I don't have plans to buy, I can settle with window shopping or not even bother to look around. I spend within my means, I don't believe in lay-away plans or installment payments. One thing I've noticed though, I'm becoming less thrifty now, uh oh! In recent years, I've spent on a couple of luxury items but I would justify it as an investment. What an excuse! ;P I recently listed them down for my future reference and I was surprised to know how much I've spent. No regrets though. :D

When it comes to less luxurious stuff, I've recently spent much on bags... light-weight-water-resistant travel bags and I'm still looking for more. :D I've also spent on clothes... I'm proud to say I'm slowing trying out new styles! haha It takes years for me to try out new things! I've always been stuck with classic styles and solid basic colors and it has been difficult to find them, so when I see one that I like, I have the tendency of getting it in different colors. The latest fashion has been better though, fit and flattering for my stature, it gives an illusion of some sort and it's heavenly to fit in the smallest size. hehe I've realized, as we age, we don't get sexier we just get "bolder". hahaha

(Promod was on sale today, that's 30-50% off! I hope the sale period extends more than just a weekend.)

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