Friday, February 15, 2008

A date screwed up

Happy hearts day everyone!

I had a terrible feeling that things won't end up as I hoped for... and I was damn right. :( I spent the evening glued on television for the final leg of TARA2. After coming in first in eight of eleven pitstops, my date Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez came in last in the final leg. Waaah! Many of my girl friends and nieces are heartbroken too!

Nevertheless, kudos to them, they played it well. Their funny antics never fail to amuse me. I can't seem to reckon how they manage to remain so cool under pressure.

Audition for TARA3 is now open 'til the 25th. Got an invite from a girl friend to join. Yes, it crossed my mind! It's going to be an amazing experience, isn't it? But i'm having cold feet, so I decided to let it pass. I can't imagine myself being a celebrity and most of all, running with that backpack! Seriously, I can't! Next year perhaps...

watch the behind the scene vids @ the finale party.


SUN JUN said...

can i pair up with your friend? I wanna join! hahaha ^^

That last leg of the race always changes everything!

freeze said...

haha am referring to H!

-posted some links to the finale party vids.

tutubi philippines said...

heartbreaking loss indeed but it's ok they won in most of the legs

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