Sunday, January 6, 2008

May baliw may baliw

My sister and I just got hooked on something for the past ten days or so. I am so deprived of sleep because of it and I can't believe how I am so into it.

What a way to start the new year! May baliw may baliw!


SUN JUN said...

HA? hehehe
wa ko kasabot hehehe

novz said...

wa sad ko kasabot! 2nd the motion ni stephen.


freeze said...

haha nag comment jud ang duha.

no worries, it's not meant to be understood anyway. it's beyond comprehesion. hehehe basta. google it!

Gypsy said...

Let me guess--is it on line games? :) a whole DVD set of a TV series? Happy new year anyway!! enjoy your kabaliwan!

freeze said...

uhm... close, take another guess! hehe

Happy new year, gypsy!

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