Sunday, December 16, 2007


Whew! I’ve never been this occupied. It’s finally over, at least for now. God is so good.

Twas my first experience to join a bazaar. So many lessons learned from merchandising, marketing to operations and customer service -- indeed a discovery of thyself… a far cry from my daily routine of counting numbers. I've sold close to 400 pieces of these! :D

The greater challenge was being part of the organizing committee. From the nicest comments to those constructive criticism, not counting the never-ending dilemma that came our way, those sleepless nights have finally paid off. To a few who did not believe in this project, i humbly say *wink*, ha we made it! It was not just a bazaar, twas indeed a feast! Those praises from shoppers I’ve never met before were priceless. The smiles and appreciation from the exhibitors were heart-warming. Thank you for believing in us. The feast shall continue very soon…

I just deserve the two sessions I had with the masseur and a shopping spree at the bazaar. My staff (that I have taken for granted during those busy days) will surely be delighted with the nice inexpensive earrings, bangles and bags I got for them! :)

Happy Holidays!


novz said...

now you can blog more often! Novz

freeze said...

haha correct! will reply to your meme soon.

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