Sunday, November 11, 2007


I have always been the designated organizer of our group. Although I didn't initiate it, I always end up doing it. I have this urgency of getting things in order otherwise I won't be at ease.

Our company is coming up with a new project. Since we are pressed with time, here I am, volunteering myself to help out and get things in order. But this is completely different from the usual coordination that I have done, this is on a large scale which involves the society at large and our company's reputation. Whew, this is too much to handle but we got to do what we gotta to do; no compromise we have to do it well. A lil gain but so much to loose. It's no easy task and it's giving me sleepless nights. I could sense I'm aging this year.


SUN JUN said...


sige lang basi ma promote day ka. hehehe ^^

freeze said...

haha but there's no way up.

Trinity said...

take it easy! :)

Gypsy said...

Kaya mo yan!! ;) I just hope you have a good team working with you!

freeze said...

trinity, thanks for dropping by.

gypsy, thanks for the reassurance.

Can't wait for the project to be over but it's just a "start of something new".

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