Sunday, November 4, 2007


It has been a long weekend for me, had four days off from work (but not exactly though, had meetings in between). How I wish I had flown to some place but by virtue of family protocol, we have to be here for All Saints Day.

Rain has been pouring unexpectedly lately, loosing our DSL connection. Our internet provider responded by saying, sorry ma'am it's a long holiday we can't fix it until Monday. Whaaat?! No internet for the holidays?!

Things have changed, haven't they? Extended holidays used to mean extended hours of sleep, munching here and there, being couch potato-tv addict but in this day and age, it can't be complete without internet connection, right? Tried out mobile internet last night but it way too S-L-O-W!

So here I am with my lonesome self surfing in a cafe, taking advantage of free wifi after an afternoon of Yoga session and sporting a new hairdo. Just can't take being DC. ;D

*DC - disconnected


Novz said...

some sort of internet addiction, eh! go check my new site. so bloody red. this will be my new site for the next months.

freeze said...

haha cge lang man ka change.

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