Friday, August 24, 2007

Who cares?

In a small community like ours where everyone somehow knows everyone; it is amazing to learn how people get the latest buzz or have an impression even without meeting the person.

I admit, I am as guilty as anyone else. You just can't help to judge a person by the reputation of the people around them, especially that of his family without knowing them personally based on what you see or hear.

For us, I am lucky that the legacy my late grandfather left behind is something to be proud of. Perks comes with it, coz I can easily introduce myself and gain their confidence. On the otherhand, what comes with it is a standard of how I am perceived to behave. What bothers me most is that some get intimidated for no reason or reasons based on perceptions.

In a casual conversation, someone I haven't met commented that it is so not us, that we got no curfews and we get to do adventure sports like diving. Such comment made me laugh out loud in disbelief! It makes me wonder so what is their standard for being us?


novz said...

stereotyping. but some do use it to their advantage. well, at least for the meantime.

I know of someone who's really intimidated of your presence, just because of one incident. ha ha.

freeze said...

huh who?! :D

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