Sunday, August 19, 2007


Parting is such sweet sorrow. I am happy for them who have finally take on the challenge to move out of their comfort zone. Yet, I am sad coz five goodbyes is more than enough to handle.

It's starting to sink in... in their absence, I could be an hermit in the making, oh no!


Gypsy said...

NO, don't!! I am sure there are new people out there who will fill the void for you..God is gracious that way. :)

freeze said...

:) i'm still finding ways to fill the void.

SUN JUN said...

2 more? when?

freeze said...

L is leaving for UK by the end of the month for a MBA.

D just left for the US, a prelude for a MBA soon as well.


SUN JUN said...

parand d ko ata kilala si L
or I can only guess hehehe ^^

ok lang yan ... they'll be back for sure! ^^

baka ako mag MBA din pero dito lang sa Davao hehehe gulo-gulo hahaha ^^

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