Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The battle continues

I prayed for her. The biopsy result is negative but she still has to undergo a series of therapy & gamma ray treatment.

I flew to Manila to visit her and brought her request of dimsum steamed rice. It broke my heart to see her in her current physical state. Her left side remained weak, she can't close her eye to sleep, her arm & leg feel heavy. Thanks to my friend who warned me beforehand to put up a brave front when I see her, otherwise I would have broken down. She's in a much better state now, they say. She didn't want to be pitied, she remained to be a fighter for herself & for her baby. All she said was, "good thing it's the left side".

This experience was also a test of friendship, it brought our barkada even closer. Talks of her bring us to tears but the constant exchange of thoughts is comforting. We can only find solace in the company of good old friends.

Two months after C-Section and two weeks after brain surgery... the battle is not over.

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