Sunday, July 8, 2007

Travel light

For today's homily, the priest talked about scuba diving... yes, he just got back from Tubbataha, Palawan. (lucky him!) He was the chaplain of a ship of scuba divers. He sighted that scuba divers carry weight belts to dive, yet in strong currents, they may have to release them.

His message was, just like in life's journey, we carry burden, nevertheless, we should learn to let go -- to travel light.

Two days ago, a dive buddy chose the road less travelled. :(

And today, "barefoot" or "finned" she opted to be in Paradise.

In a short time that I was acquainted with her, I admired her artistry and bubbly personality. I pray that she shall enter the gates of heaven with her usual charm.

As she wished, her ashes will be spread in Tinggo, Mactan, one of her fave dive spots. A memorabilia will also be laid 130ft down under a cave in memory of her.

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