Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In solitude

Today, I spent the day in solitude.

Did some site visit in the morning and opted to spend the rest of the day malling all by myself. I cannot imagine taking a meal in public all by myself. As I ordered my fave Beef Bulgogi by "Kimchi" for lunch, I sat in one of the many tables in the foodcourt. Later, a girl approached me, "can I share the table with you?" gladly, I said yes.

I seemed to be in impulsive shopping spree at the Mall of Asia for six hours. Am I depressed? I can just laugh off the only reason I can think of at the moment, "how could he..." My usual mindset of "I'll think about it, I'll come back later" just won't work in this humongous place. I even got a SMS from a friend that said, "I'm so proud of you! This is so unusual." (Thanks to SMS, they kept me company.) I probably forgot what my mom always say to ask myself when I shop, "Do you need it? Do you want it?" What's my point here? Nothing really. Shopping in solitude is harmful to my pocket. hahaha I just ought to reward myself, anyway the stock market is up 50 points today. wow!

At the end of the day, I wished I could have stayed longer to lounge and see the sunset along Manila Bay; I arrived at the airport 40 minutes too early.


SUN JUN said...

you in manila?

luv beef bulgogi as well! yum yum ^^

ako, used to eating alone since college hehehe

freeze said...

yup just for two days. for work & purposely extended half a day for leisure. :D

SUN JUN said...

tapos you went back again just this week? hmmm ... problems at work? hehe

ganda ng perks ng trabaho mo ha hehehe ^^ joke

freeze said...

it's not work related this time; but i have an offer to be assigned there for several months.

I went back for the sunset. hehehe

seriously, 'twas a family thingy. we all went for my uncle's 70th bday. 68th+1+1 you know na how Chinese has a thing with birthdays and numbers.

SUN JUN said...

ah ok hehe ... you cant take that offer kay ingon bya ka no goodbyes for atleast 2 years hehe ...

forward nako ning link to the rest of the group. k?

freeze said...

waaaah oh no! hush hush pls. :p

this didn't cross my mind when i wrote that. una-hay na lng nig biya ba. hehe jk! malay mo una pa ko mag SG.

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