Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Head banging day

I was trying to reach down and insert the usb drive at the back of my CPU when my cellphone rang. By nature, I could not stand the thought of the person waiting on the other line. So i hurriedly stood up and BANG! I hit my head on the corner of the cd rack made of welded steel, attached to my computer table. It literally rocked my world for a moment! Yet, I manage to answer my mobile phone only to find out, the person calling was the one who also banged his forehead on a ladder earlier that day.

Whatta day. It looked like a kid had just drawn a 2-inch line on my hairline with a red pentel pen. 3 days later, 'twas still sore. So I went to the ER, the doc found an open wound. He gave me an anti-tetanus shot + a week dose of antibiotics + anti-inflammatory drugs + ointment + an appointment to a general surgeon a week later. Wow, overkill!

Lesson learned... don't rush to answer a mobile phone... there's such a thing as caller id, i can always return the call, more so, if it's loaded with unlimited call and text. huhuhu

Ergo, don't expect immediate answer from me, from here on. :p

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freeze said...

thanks, in the healing process yet. :)

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