Thursday, May 3, 2007

Girl friends

I met my girl friends in 1st grade. We shared a lot of happy moments together growing up, i will always cherish our adventures and misadventures. However, life's circumstances brought us apart. They got married and priorities changed. Two of them moved to Manila, one in Bohol, while two of us remained in Cebu. But true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance.

As we mature, table topics have gone from books, relationships, party, fashion to marriage and motherhood. I may not have 1st hand experience over marriage and motherhood, but I felt, I have somehow experienced it through them.

Girl friend #1: She had to undergo emergency C-section since her unborn child seemed to be loosing his heartbeat. Now, her son is suffering from occasional convulsion, which is driving her maternal instincts crazy.

Girl friend #2: Her baby and a cyst were growing at the same time in her womb while her 2nd baby has an enlarged kidney.

Girl friend #3: She had too much morning sickness that caused laceration on the esophagus. She had to take a lot of medication including antibiotics. Now, her daughter is suffering from severe recurring UTI.

Girl friend #4: She waited for 4 years to get pregnant. She has done aggressive treatments, not to mention emotional roller coaster for false positive test results. Until finally, 6 months ago she conceived what we call her "multi-million" baby. I am so happy for her. But life can be so treacherous, a tumor is found in her brain few months later. It is still unknown if it is malignant. The hormones she took to get pregnant and maintain her pregnancy probably triggered the growth of the tumor, the doc said. She is scheduled for C-section on her 7th month (by the end of this month) and undergo brain surgery 2 months later.

This news brought me to tears yesterday. Just as I thought everything is doing perfectly well because all along, she has been putting up a brave front.

My heart goes to her, at this point, all I can offer for her(them) is my support and prayers because life can get so complicated.

Take care girl friends...

"It's hard at times to keep in touch, with those who mean so much, but side by side or far apart, friends live within the heart."

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