Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bridal Shower

We threw a bridal shower for a friend over the weekend. The invite went like this...

We treat you for an overnight stay at
On May 13, 2007
Come in beach attire
Fun starts at 2pm
relax and enjoy our company… see yah!

The agenda was 2pm check-in, 5pm photoshoot, 7pm dinner, 8pm night swimming, 10pm shower party, then swim and lounge around the next day 'til check-out.

Our weekend getaway was not only meant to be a shower party but a despedida party as well since the bride-to-be is moving to Manila. It was a fairly wholesome affair because I was the game master for the night. Sorry folks, no macho dancer around. Our male friends won't be happy to see them around either. Nevertheless, with a little touch of "kinkyness" and an unexpectedly, playful bride-to-be, we all sure had a good laugh. I hope the couple that stayed on the adjacent room had a good night sleep when we were being boisterous.

Okay, I won't spill all the details. Most importantly, it was another fun-filled weekend.

Best wishes to her, congratulations to him! :)

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