Friday, April 13, 2007

Fate or Destiny

I have been closely watching Sana Maulit Muli starring Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu. (Thanks to "you tube", coz I can afford to miss the live telecast.) I just found the story line interesting, it is something different from the usual Tagalog teleserye. It's a love story that tackles about having a second chance to live life and defying destiny.

Do you believe in fate or destiny? As Mang Andres, the servant of death, said, "hindi mo mababago ang itinakda; mangyayari ang mangyayari."

As wikipedia defines

  • Fate is an outcome determined by an outside agency acting upon a person or entity.
  • Destiny is when the entity is participating in achieving an outcome that is directly related to itself.
In short, fate is something that is bound to happen, while destiny is something you willfully participate to happen.

I have never been to a fortune teller; neither do I want to. First and foremost, it is unChristian, secondly, in this world of uncertainty, I still don't want to know what my future is.

Then, the other day, I received news from my cousin. A geomancer (feng shui master) unsolicitedly just spoke about my destiny! He told my dad about my destiny on relationships.

I only heard bits and pieces of it, like I am not suppose to go out of Asia until 2010 else I'll miss the opportunity to meet my mate. In fact, I just visited Europe last year and by then, my US visa is due to expire. Uh oh! I hope this won't influence my parents when I decide to travel soon.

Ho-hum, actually I do not know the rest of the details. My dad seems do not want to discuss it; although I get curious, that is absolutely fine with me. Besides, I believe I should choose my own destiny and I don't want my decision be influenced in any way by something credulous.

But for now, I can't get it off my head, damn!


freeze said...

The ending:

sad ending, the guy died - USA (patterned after If Only starring Jennifer Love Hewitt)

happy ending, both lived - Pinas (just as i thought it wasn't the usual Tagalog plot, hehe)

tragic ending, both died - Korea (if it was produced in Korea)

SUN JUN said...

did they show 3 different endings? hehehe ^^

good observation when it comes to telenobelas hihihi ^^

hala! dili ka kabakasyon outside asia! hehehe

pero asia is still big enuf man. hihihi ^^

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