Monday, March 26, 2007

frienships and larsian

One of the many ways to show that i value our friendship is I never fail to keep in touch with them. Even when I am occupied with other tasks, I make an effort to communicate and reply as soon as i can and find time to be with them. For me, i make an effort and find time... it's a matter of priority.

It is disappointing however, when they do not seem to look at it the way i do. I understand, in every relationship, you have to be selfless... not counting what you received after what you have given. But isn't it necessary as well that both parties need to make an effort to keep the relationship? It takes two to tango, right? One can't be selfless all the time, you'd get burn out as well. This is what i am feeling. :( I am even starting to communicate less often, they seem to care less anyway. Should I just give up reaching out to them? I know i should not, but how long can i hold on?

I felt so frustrated yesterday, that i felt i need to binge. I thought long and hard what would satisfy me, then I thought of the new Larsian.

It's been 10 long years since i last set foot on this place. They recently moved to the next block... it looks much better and cleaner now. Frankly, the former place by the roadside and food preparation there were not that clean. Many would be surprise to know that I come to this kind of place. I love their food, the aroma and taste is just irresistible.

My first bite of barbecued pork brought back memories. This is where my siblings and I used to convince my parents to take-out barbecued pork and puso. Yeah, we go for take-out because they do not allow us to eat there for sanitary reasons. This is also the place where I occasionally eat with my childhood barkada. We can consume as much as 10 sticks after an afternoon spent on swimming and playing badminton. After which came a moment of truth... wait and see if we had to relieve our stomach hours later. hahaha!

Those were the good 'old days.

After several sticks of pork BBQ, chicken BBQ, white marlin and pork belly (served on a basket lined with banana leaf, eaten by hand wrapped in plastic) matched with puso and coke... all i can say is, it satisfied me, i give it a thumbs up. burp!


freeze said...

fwd sms from a friend...

here's something to ponder on:

never let someone be your priority, while allowing yourself to be just their option. :)

SUN JUN said...

kaya ka pala down that day ha hehehe

Anonymous said...

found you while trying to find out about snorkelling in misibis. by the way, have you ever wondered how 'puso' is made/cooked? you're a native cebuana i gather from your blogs. will post anon for now because i don't know yet how to create these identity options. for now, si 'gumamela'

Freeze said...

Gumamela, pls search hanging rice or puso on my blog, wrote an artcle about it ;)

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